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Additive manufacturing

Do you need support with your additive manufacturing projects, for the development of direct polymer or metal parts, or with manufacturing polymer moulds or optimised metal tooling?

The different solutions provided by additive manufacturing

The development of additive manufacturing presents real opportunities for plastics manufacturers. These solutions save time, improve product quality and cut costs.

When the right technology is chosen, it can be used to produce mock-ups, prototypes or functional parts.

The agility it provides also makes it possible to develop polymer or metal stamps and optimise their thermal properties.

Metal additive manufacturing

IPC has a wide range of equipment and many experts to help you develop parts through metal additive manufacturing (SLM), with many types of materials (maraging steel, CX, CoCr, Titanium, aluminium, etc.).

Polymer and composite additive manufacturing

A wide range of equipment and experts to meet your needs:

  • Multiple technologies (FDM, SLA, SLS, etc.)
  • Multiple materials (ABS, PLA, PA, PP, PEEK, PEI ULTEM, Epoxy, Acrylate, etc.)
  • Continuous integration of reinforcements (Kevlar, glass, carbon, etc.)

Parametric studies

Our experts can save you time by helping you define your printing parameters for a rapid and efficient transfer of production to your facilities.

Guide to Additive Manufacturing: opportunities for the plastics industry

At a time when competition for innovation is accelerating worldwide, French industry needs to find new solutions to cope, by improving production quality while cutting costs.

This guide explains the benefits of additive manufacturing, which materials and technologies to choose, and how to set up an additive manufacturing project.

Read the gu

Focused on IPC’s additive manufacturing facility

PRINTER: An additive manufacturing facility for all your needs

Get technical support from our team of experts, who can advise you on part diagnostics, analyse and identify the best manufacturing technology and methodology for your part, define the printing strategy, and design polymer moulds that are best suited to the final processing technology, manufacturing and quality control of moulds.

PRINTER: a technical platform for polymer and metal additive manufacturing

Our in-house resources enable us to respond to the problems faced by manufacturers thanks to :

  • A laboratory equipped for part characterization
  • A numerical team capable of running simulations on parts
  • A design office to help professionals design parts for additive manufacturing
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